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Hold Your Devices Steadily As They Charge With The Apple Watch And Iphone Stand

There are those times when all you want is the safety of your electronic devices when charging them. This is where the Xstand Apple watch and iPhone stand comes in. This stand is creatively designed to ensure that your watch and iPhone are safe when recharging them.

XStand comes with a stable charger holder where the charger is made sturdy due to the rubber padded top hole. Therefore safety is not just about your iPhone or watch but also your charger. What else do you need?

If you have a wireless QI charger, XStand will work well for you. The cable slot on top of the front plate makes it easy placing such a charger on the stand behind the phone and lets the cable pass through the slot. The stand also has a circular rubber padded cut-out that holds your Apple watch charger in place. The cut-out also serves as an outlet for the charger cable. The Apple watch and iPhone stand ensures that whatever surface you place it is well arranged and attractive. This is because cables of the chargers are well placed such that they do not cross over each other in a messy way.

This stand is made of Aluminum and not plastic and therefore, it is unlikely to break due to falls. You will get good value for your money at the end of the day. Thus, you will save more since the stand is long-lasting.

The Apple watch and iPhone stand comes with bumper pads made of rubber, which you place at the top. This way your watch or iPhone will not slip or scratch. You will not worry about dropping your gadgets. You will also ensure that your electronics last longer and their appearance remains elegant.

This stand is also small enough such that it takes less space on the surface you place it. This way, you will be able to save space for other things and also avoid accidentally placing things on top of your watch or iPhone.

The fact that this stand is compatible with smartphones and watches of other models apart from Apple means that you only need one stand for all your gadgets. This is because the stand supports all iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iWatch models. There are no restrictions at all. What do you stand to gain from Apple watch and iPhone stand?

• It is easy to operate: You do not need any training
• Occupies less space
• The stand√Ęs design has aesthetic value: it looks good wherever you place it
• Highly durable
• Compatibility with other models
• Accessibility to both your watch and iPhone is made easier than ever before

On the other hand customers have given positive feedback about this stand. They say it is elegant, they like the durable metal construction, the colors and the lightweight nature of the stand.

It is good that you take care of your electronics, watch and iPhone. To prevent your iPhone and watch from unnecessary falls when working, just mount it on the Apple watch and iPhone stand. This will save you from a lot of maintenance costs consequently ensuring that you save more money. The XStand does not have compatibility issues when it comes to non-Apple models. It is more of a universal tool. If you are tired of ineffective low quality stands, try this LXORY model.


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