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Internet Radio - What Is It?

Over the past 25 years or so, The influence of the Internet, and then the World Wide Web, has grown until it is simply a part of our modern way of living. In particular we have become more and more dependent on it for our entertainment. Thus watching videos on Youtube, downloading videos and music tracks etc. seems to have left the more traditional family entertainment output of your local or national radio station far behind. This is no longer the case. Traditional radio manufacturers now offer Internet Connectivity and Internet Radio Tuners integrated within their standard products. The video below illustrates the enhanced features and benefits to be found on a typical, modern Internet Radio:

With an Internet Radio, you not only have access to the normal output carried on AM/FM/DAB wavebands, but you also have access to the over 20,000 Internet Stations that distribute their content via the Internet. These broadcasts can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world, providing they have internet access and an audio-capable listening device. This does not need to be a domestic Internet Radio product. Any kind of computer (Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone) will do.

It has been reported that over 15% of teenagers plus higher figures for adults, listen to Internet Radio every day as the work, rest and play. It should be no surprise that today's 'switched on' generation find that personal satisfaction can more readily be found across the wide spectrum of music genre and sub-genre available from all around the globe and is an integral part of what they are 'about'.

Not only does Internet Radio give you much more choice, but it comes with enhanced quality over its standard terrestrial for-runner. Gone is the dependence of line-of-site reception. Gone is the gradual loss of signal as your distance from the transmitter increases. Gone is the interference effect of bad weather. Reception is no longer dependent on the output power of the base antenna. Coupled with all of this, today's Internet Technology (particularly its higher data speeds) ensures music quality levels even above that of shop-bought CD's.

The multitude of advantages that Internet Radio adds to the traditional concept of family listening would seem to indicate a re-birth of radio provided entertainment, ideally suited to the modern high speed world of Tablets and Smartphones.

Are you interested in adopting Internet Radio as part of your home entertainment package and wish to find out more? Then please visit, where you will find reviews and comment on the very best of Internet Radios currently available in the market place.


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