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The Fourflexx Ipad Floor Stand Has Held My Ipad Faithfully As I Learned Zumba Dancing

Of course, there are many reasons why I bought the iPad floor stand online after I saw it. A light bulb moment happened in my head and I suddenly knew that this was just the thing that I needed.

My iPad and I are inseparable, always together in my free time, and during my office hours too. It is my home of entertainment, and it is where I catch up with my buddies on social media. When I bought the floor tablet holder, my device became complete. Today, I feel a bit odd when using it to without the holder.

Having come from a family of singers, my dad being a classic musician on Broadway and my mom an ardent singer in the Baptist church choir, I have music in my system, literary speaking. However, I find my dancing hobby very intriguing as it has enlightened me so much about different peoples of the world. For example, the African dances are so energetic and full of life. European dances are more of a gentlemanâs dance, and so on. Recently, I have been learning Zumba, the latest craze in the market.

Now, Zumba is not an ordinary dance. It is a way of life, a way of keeping fit and working out. However, that it is a dance with more benefits than other dances is not in doubt. I love dancing at home as I work out and this means that due to the rigorous movements, I cannot be able to hold my iPad from which I learn the dance moves. My iPad floor stand comes in handy and helps me to keep moving as I keep an eye on the tablet.

Because of the adjustable height, I prefer keeping mine at just about hip level, a bit tilted upwards so that even when Zumba demands I go down, I can be able to see the instructor on the video without the view becoming distorted. I have seen a lot of the usefulness of the LXORY FourFlexx iPad stand. With the fear of the risks of the tablet out of your mind, you can be better able to concentrate in what you are doing.

I use my FourFlexx tablet stand frequently, almost as much as every day. When I am not taking Zumba lessons actively, I am studying the moves from my bed and storing them in my mind for the next lesson day. Thus, whether I am in the sitting room watching a movie on my tablet or in the bedroom catching some funny video clips, the FourFlexx tablet holder comes in handily.

It is sturdily built yet light to carry around with me when I want to practice my Zumba workouts by the swimming pool. Even moving it around the rooms is easy. Itâs light.

Here's 3 Top Ilc Cameras Worth Owning

If youre interested in purchasing a high quality, versatile camera that will give you fantastic control over the pictures you can take, then you cant go wrong by choosing an ilc camera. The ilc stands for interchangeable lens camera, which is commonly referred to as a mirrorless camera. Of course, this means the camera wont have a mirror reflex optical viewfinder, and allows you to effortless switch between whichever lens youd prefer to work with.

In this guide, were going to show you a selection of fantastic ilc cameras that are currently available. If you pick any one of these, then you can rest assured that youve invested your money wisely - so lets take a look at what we have for you.

1 - Samsung NX500 - If youre looking for a camera that offers you near professional quality and versatility, yet is still compact and convenient enough to take on a family holiday, then youll struggle to find a better option than this ilc camera from Samsung.

With a price that sits around $800, its certainly not the cheapest camera around, but it certainly provides great value for money once you understand the incredible features it manages to provide for the price. In fact, it easily rivals cameras that cost a great deal more than this one. The lenses are effortless to change, and it even gives you fantastic video recording capabilities, too.

2 - Sony A7R II - For people who have a more generous budget to play with, perhaps youd enjoy using this camera from Sony. With a price close to $3k, its certainly firmly placed within the pro consumer category - but its hard to deny the incredible quality and function it provides you with. The picture and video quality are unsurpassed, and the well-designed camera is very comfortable to work with.

Overall, this is a fantastic camera and a real joy to own - but perhaps the only downside is the battery length. Youll certainly benefit from taking a spare battery with you if youre using this camera for an extended shooting session.

3 - Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 - The Panasonic Lumix line has been a respected product for many years, and this DMC-G7 is no exception. At a price of around $1k, its reasonably priced considerably the quality it provides. Its great for use as a high-end family camera, and the video features in particular are very fun to play with.

Rugged Phones For Rugged Lifestyles

Can you imagine life today without a mobile phone? Our phones are, simply, an indispensable component of modern life a necessity for both work and play. Our key for staying connected with the rest of the world in whatever way we choose be it email, Skype, Facetime, SMS or browsing the internet. However, as time moves on were learning that we need to consider not just the functionality of our phone but its match to our lifestyle. This is where rugged phones come in.

By considering our lifestyle and the conditions under which we work and live, we can ascertain what phone suits us best. The options are wider-ranging than ever before, and you can almost guarantee, whatever your requirements, there will be a phone to suit. Therefore, if you work in a tough outdoor environment, or have a hobby that frequently sees you taking on the outdoors, you no longer have to make do with trying to protect a highly fragile yet expensive object from the elements. You will now be able to find a handset that is waterproof, tough, durable and built to withstand dust and dirt ingress.

If you face the outdoors, or dusty and dirty environments at work, then a rugged phone is likely to be the answer for you. An increasing number of professions are now coming to rely on such phones, enabling them to stay connected in their workplace like any other. Miners, construction workers, farmers, geologists, archaeologists, plasterers and plumbers are just a few of the professionals using the more durable phones on the market to make a difference to their bottom line.

Importantly, what are the additional features of a phone built to withstand rugged environments? Fundamentally, they are considerably more hard-wearing, designed to withstand weather-damage, pressure and wear and tear to a degree that regular smartphones just cant. This industrial strength makes them ideal for a tough outdoor environment.

Importantly a rugged phone remains efficient in extreme climates - most notably extremes of hot and cold that tend to wreak havoc with electronic items. Tough phones are built to operate effectively whatever the temperature and to maintain their battery life accordingly.

For those where water and moisture is a concern, tough phones are manufactured with varying degrees of water-proofing. If your work presents a risk to keeping your handset dry, then this feature will be particularly important. Remarkably, you can even use your phone under water in some instances.

Additionally, rugged phones are built specifically to withstand ingress, of both dust and water. This can be crucial for those working in environments such as building sites, saw mills or plasterers where dust can pose a daily challenge for a regular phone.

These features combine to demonstrate that rugged phones are not only the way forward for those in certain professions, but also for those whose hobbies and leisure pursuits take them outside in to harsher environments. Whats more, the state-of-the-art durability and toughness doesnt hinder or hamper the user-friendly nature that youve come to expect from a smart phone. You dont need additional skills or need to invest extra time to get up to speed with it.

Value for money is an important consideration when making a new mobile purchase. However, this is where Rugged Phones really come in to their own: by being their own protection system, you are insuring against the usual problems of the fragility of smart phones. In most cases you can use it far longer than a regular phone: you get better performance and efficiency. You are also likely to prevent repeated outlays for broken or damaged phones, just because youre doing what you need to do every day.