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Everything You Need To Know About Directv

Launched in the year 1994 by GM, DirecTV is the biggest satellite TV provider across the globe, with 15 satellites & 14.5 million subscribers.

DirecTV is currently ranked no. 2 in terms of customer satisfaction amongst satellite TV & cable firms by JD Power & Associates.

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Satellite Television System by DirecTV

For receiving DirecTV programming, you require a DirecTV satellite television system for capturing the satellite signal as well as to direct it towards your TV.

Due to the rising competition among DirecTV dealers, it is now possible to get a satellite TV system from DirecTV for free after subscribing to their service.

Below is what you are offered when you subscribe to the satellite TV service by DirecTV

* Up to 4 free receivers along with universal remotes.

* A FREE satellite television dish.

* Professional set up in as much as 4 rooms of your house.

* High Definition satellite television receivers (if required).

* Additional free gifts for example, a free DVD player along with a home theater system.

Below is what you can expect with DirecTV service:

* In excess of 225 program channels to pick from with all-digital sound & picture.

* As many as 500 commercial free movies each month.

* A DVR that lets you record your favorite TV shows.

* As many as 60 PPV programs each day.

* Local channels with digital sound and picture quality

* 31 ad-free music channels with digital sound

* 24/7 consumer support Centre (toll free)

DirecTV Satellite TV Programming

DirecTV programming packs that consist of your local TV channels, begin at just $41.99 each month.

Below are the programming packages from DIRECTV which are presently available:

* Total Choice that includes 135 programming channels (with 31 music channels) at a price of $41.99 each month.

* Total Choice Plus that includes 155 programming channels (with 31 music channels) at a price of $45.99 each month.

* Total Choice Premier that includes 215 programming channels (with 31 music channels) at a price of $93.99 each month.

Along with the above mentioned programming packs, you could also get international packages, HD packages as well as sports packages.

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How to Order the Satellite TV Service from DirecTV?

After deciding which programming pack & which system you desire, you can call a Toll Free no. or place the order on the web for ordering your satellite TV package.

The customer service representative of DirecTV will accept your order, arrange the date of installation, as well as answer any queries you might have.

Set up time is normally 1 to 5 days once you place your order.

At the scheduled date, one of their installers will set up your system, examine it for ensuring it works correctly, then guide you on using all the controls & functions.